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Union county NC, Lancaster county SC, York county SC
Dura-Pex pipes manufactured by CPI are prone to cracking.

There is a major problem facing homeowners who purchased homes built between 1998-2006. These homes were built in Union county NC, Lancaster county SC, and York county SC.  CPI Dura-Pex, a brand of pex piping, is the problem facing these homes and homeowners. It typically affects the hot water supply line along the first 20 feet as it leaves the water heater. The hot water is actually causing the pipe to split/crack causing pinhole leaks.

The manufacturer Nibco who purchased CPI (Consolidated Plumbing Industries) claims it was a bad batch of pipe sent to the area. Also Nibco does not warranty any pipe manufactured by CPI prior to their purchase of CPI in May of 2006. Nibco recommends replacing 10-20 feet of the faulty CPI Dura-Pex leading away from the water heater.

Unfortunately at this time there is no recourse that can be taken. We have checked with local suppliers who sold CPI Durapex, local plumbers who used CPI Dura-Pex, and Nibco the manufacturer who bought out CPI Dura-Pex.

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