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Water lines pipe water from the city’s main water line to the various fixtures located throughout your home. These water lines provide all of the water for your home and must be reliable. You need to know that they are properly installed and well maintained.

If you need new water lines installed in your South Charlotte, NC home as part of a renovation or you are concerned that your existing water lines are aging and require repair or replacement, call All Hours Plumbing today to discuss your options with one of our trained technicians.

Water Line Repair and Maintenance Services

Water lines are less likely to leak than drains because they are not subjected to the kinds of chemicals and waste that drains are. However, because water lines carry water continuously every hour of everyday problems can certainly arise. Issues develop when minerals cling to the insides of pipes. Also, low water pH can lead to slow but steady wear on pipes in your home.

Given enough time old pipes – especially iron pipes installed more than 30 years ago – can start to wear thin or even rust. This can lead to leaks even breaks in the pipes, which in turn can lead to flooding. In any of these situations you will need immediate service to repair the problem fast.

Regular maintenance greatly reduces the risk of such problems. By checking pipes periodically for signs of wear or exterior damage resulting from a shifting foundation, earthquake or construction work, these issues can be avoided. We will check all of your pipes, clear them of any excess build up, and provide an analysis determining whether replacement will be needed in the near future.

For customers in the South Charlotte, NC area that are experiencing water line needs, know that All Hours Plumbing is here for all of your installation, maintenance and repair jobs. Call us today at 704-488-8177 to learn more about our full range of services and everything we can do for you.

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